HITCON Hackdoor

To promote the cultivation of information security talents, we launched HITCON HackDoor

HITCON takes it as its mission to promote the correct concept of information security and cultivate Taiwan's information security talents. HITCON continues to promote information security issues and nurture talent in the spirit of hacking. At this year's HITCON CMT conference, we launched the world's first hacker version of escape games HITCON HackDoor, so that the public can learn through games, and actually challenge the information security problems that may exist in various iot devices in life, and at the same time echo the government's policy of promoting information security talent cultivation.

Everyone can learn new information security knowledge

HITCON HackDoor is a new type of game that combines room escape games, puzzle solving, teaching, and competition to incorporate interesting information security issues into the game, along with workshops. Anyone who is interested in the game itself, or who wants to challenge the information security topics we have designed, can sign up. By learning while playing, your interest will be stimulated.

Implementation courses: three thematic workshops

The workshop implementation courses covers three major topics: access card replication, wi-fi password cracking, and mobile phone graphic password lock cracking. Incredible fast break techniques, you don't need to be super powerful, just choose the right tools, you can easily break them.

We're not trying to teach you to do bad things. Instead, we're trying to get you to experience the dangers of ignoring information security, and to raise public awareness of information security, so that more people who study information security technologies can be on the right track.Team practice: Test the ability and cohesion of the team

The topic is combined with the Internet of things devices, such as printer, IP CAM, office card punching system, electronic bulletin board system, access control system, etc., we design a variety of questions to challenge the participating teams.