HITCON Hackathon

What is HITCON hackathon?

In order to accelerate the industrialization of information security industry and attract more talents, HITCON started to hold the hackathon competition of the Internet of things in 2017, aiming at looking into the future, bringing community, campus research and innovative energy into the information security industry, and attracting outstanding engineers and students to invest in industrial research and design.

HITCON Hackathon 2017

HITCON Hackathon 2017 sets the theme of competition according to the development trend of the industry, with information security vulnerabilities, product innovation, cross-border integration of talents and creativity as the theme of the event. In this activity, we also invited ASUS, a well-known domestic manufacturer, to provide Zenbo robot and ASUS Zenbo SDK, so that developers can use Zenbo sensors to develop new algorithms and provide new application methods to protect the Internet of things information security, such as enhancing face recognition and providing users with voice recognition.

Enterprise award - "ICRY" won "HITCON bright star award”

This work USES Asus Zenbo robot to capture the appearance of family members and strangers, and then uses the imported facial recognition technology to distinguish family members and strangers to help maintain the safety of the home. If the invasion of strangers is detected, Zenbo will send a warning to the family members. In addition, Zenbo can provide individualized services to different family members. If an elderly person falls down at home, Zenbo will notify the family members to seek assistance.