We are a group of female expedition, we are exploring the world of information security!

We are a group of female adventurers who want to find new paths, hoping to find our own dreams in the world of information security. In 2014, we held the first Workshop to take the first step in encouraging women to learn information security. We use a variety of courses to encourage beginners to step into the world of information security. For example, opening locks, writing programs, blocking packages, analyzing malicious programs... These knowledge should not be dominated by men. We believe that gender should not be a barrier.

In 2015, we held our first reading and sharing session, which was not only the second external event, but also an important milestone of HITCON GIRLS 'learning journey, recording our journey. Information security is a part of our lives, our dreams and lives.

In 2017, some girls started going their own way, maybe graduating into the workforce, maybe loving their jobs more, maybe finding new goals through the community. We expect the changes made by HITCON GIRLS to fall around the world like windblown fruit and petals, and each new seedling represents "women can be information security experts, gender is not a barrier".