HITCON 2021 Tickets On Sale!


【 HITCON 2021 】

Work from home, hack into home

Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, the lifestyle of humans had been changed fundamentally. Work From Home has become the required option. Our daily life has been furthered to the virtual world. Accompanied by humans taking more time to stay at home, the IoT home devices and services have become more important. Those devices and services will also bring more vulnerability and risk to cybersecurity.

We are also starting to prepare various activities and make sure HITCON 2021 can get close to the human lifestyle and deepen the link with the world. We believe only the HITCON can exceed HITCON. The HITCON 2021 will not only be a cybersecurity conference but also be a conference which can bridge the people and the world.


・Event: HITCON 2021 Hack in Taiwan Conference

・Adviser: Department of Cyber Security 

・Organizer: Association of Hackers in Taiwan, CHROOT

・Co-organiser: TWCERT/CC, 104 Corporation

・Special Thanks: Great Skyview

・Venue: Humanities and Social Science Building (HSSB), Academia Sinica (No. 128, Sec. 2, Academia Rd., Nangang Dist., Taipei City

・Time: Friday, November 26, 2021 - Saturday, November 27, 2021



・Registr Now:https://hitcon.kktix.cc/events/hitcon-2021

・Registration date: 

・The 1st stage ticket sale: 2021.05.04 20 : 00 ~ 2021.05.31 12 : 00 GMT+8

・The 2nd stage ticket sale: 2021.06.07 20 : 00 ~ 2021.07.31 12 : 00 GMT+8

・The 3nd stage ticket sale: 2021.07.31 12 : 00 ~ 2021.10.10 12 : 00 GMT+8

・No ticket purchase can be made at the venue on that day