HITCON 2020 Call For Paper


【 HITCON 2020 Call For Papers 】Herd Immunity for Cybersecurity

At this moment when old orders are facing comprehensive challenges, we seek ways to survive on the darkest road; while physical links are collapsing due to the epidemic, we aim to build a brand-new elastic defense and mindset by uniting the wisdom from communities and corporations. This is HITCON 2020, "We are the one."

Welcome submit your research from all around the world, HITCON 2020 is the great chance to publish your research and exchange ideas with other great hackers. To link our main theme "Herd Immunity for Cybersecurity", we call for paper including but not limited to following topics (The length of the talk should be approximately 50 minutes including a Q&A session) :

・Malware: Malware Analysis, Malware Development, APT/Cybercrime, Ransomware, Reverse Engineering

・Exploit: Red Team, Bug Bounty, Exploit Development, Fuzzer, Wormable Vulnerability, Web AppSec

・IoT: IoT security, IoT Protection, IoT Hacking & Exploit, IIoT security, Hardware Reversing Engineering, Radio Hacking 5G Security

・Artificial Intelligence (AI) Hacking: Data Science for Security, Machine Learning (ML) & AI for Security, Hacking ML & AI, ML&AI Reasoning and Interpretation

・Incident Response: Blue Team, CSIRT&PSIRT Operations, Threat Hunting, Threat Intelligence

・Enterprise Security: Cyber Security Framework, Cyber Range, Cyber Defense Verifications, Breach Attack Simulation, Patch Management

・Talent Education: CTF, Cyber Range

How to submit:

Please apply for an account at CFP system (TBA) and submit through the website before the deadline.

Please direct all inquiries to cmt-agenda[at]hitcon.org

Important Dates:

Submission starting date: 6 May 2020

Submission deadline: July 1st, 2020 (any timezone)

Final version due: 10 August 2020

HITCON 2020 Conference Date: 11 ~ 12 September 2020 (UTC+8),For more information, PLEASE FOLLOW US on Facebook.