HITCON Enterprise 2023

HITCON 2023 will be divided into community and enterprise conferences. In the enterprise conference (ENT), we will focus more on the practicalities of technology, defense techniques and security management, and connect with domestic and foreign cybersecurity communities to cultivate cyber security.

HITCON ENT 2023 theme: 

Automation Security Ascendancy: Systematic Evolution to Maturity

  • Given the general shortage of security experts and the increasingly complex security challenges faced by enterprises, the need for a systematic approach to assess and automate the daily tasks of security teams is of paramount importance.
  • The emergence of AI techniques offers a promising avenue for automating security tasks, reducing the need for extensive manual effort. However, effectively harnessing AI is no simple feat. Integrating AI into real-world security scenarios demands extensive research, experimentation, and careful implementation.
  • Ultimately, we must emphasize the crucial role of "measurement." Evaluating the security maturity across various aspects is a fundamental prerequisite for any automated and intelligent system. Therefore, determining how to measure the success of a security team in a practical manner remains a significant challenge.
  • Only when we have established a robust security maturity model and an intelligent mechanism can we truly make automation a viable reality. These critical components will form the cornerstone upon which we can construct a more secure and efficient future for our organizations.

Event Details

  • Venue: Taipei New Horizon 6F
  • Date: 2023/11/15
  • Advisor: Administration for Digital Industries, Ministry of Digital Affairs
  • Organizers: Association of Hackers in Taiwan (HIT); CHROOT; Industrial Technology Research Institute

HITCON Pacific 2021

Resilience X Recovery X Practices

The extraordinary in-depth cyber resilience agendas, the applicable practice and solutions sharing, and the practical-themed content will be presented to you.

HITCON Pacific 2021

HITCON Pacific, a leading cybersecurity conference that targets enterprise security in Taiwan. Even under the global pandemic outbreak, everyone still persists unswervingly and hopes to get back on track one day.

This year, the HITCON Pacific conference is here now. We gather the most in-depth cyber resilience agendas and the bleeding-edge solutions based on best practices at the same time. In addition to predicting the upcoming cybersecurity trends in three to five years, and providing solutions that can be applied in practice, participants are open to online discussion and interaction with VIP lecturers at home and abroad.

We will see you on October 27th and 28th.

The Latest Enterprise Cybersecurity Trends and Practical Solutions

  • Over 20 top briefings
  • Best practices and the substantial reinforcement of defense in depth

Joint HITCON Defense Contest

  • Billion-dollar cybersecurity splendidly equipment present
  • Real-world experience of the cyber offenses and defenses

Event Details

  • Venue: Online Seminar
  • Date: 2021/10/27 - 2021/10/28
  • Organizers: Association of Hackers in Taiwan (HIT); CHROOT
  • Supporting Organizer: TWCERT/CC

HITCON Pacific 2018

Over the past years, we've witnessed more and more information security incidents that brought an entire enterprise to a halt. As such, the often overlooked aspect of information security triad -- Availability, is put back into focus again.

This year's HITCON Pacific "Transforming: Cybersecurity and Resilience", aims to help both government and enterprise in ensuring that no more costly downtimes are caused by information security problems.

Event Details

  • Venue: Taipei New Horizon 6F
  • Date: 2018/12/13 - 2018/12/14
  • Organizers: Association of Hackers in Taiwan (HIT); CHROOT; iThome

HITCON Pacific 2017

HITCON Pacific 2017's theme is Cyber Force Awakens. We will call on governments, businesses, and citizens to take the initiative in digital assets and to build a cyber power and an information security industry ecosystem. In addition, domestic and foreign experts are invited to discuss the threats and defenses of "digital homeland" from the aspects of capital security technology, policies and regulations, so as to bring the latest international views on capital security and countermeasures to the audience.

We are honored to win the approval of DEFCON again this year to hold the HITCON CTF international level information security competition, and the world's top players will fight for the qualification of DEFCON CTF seeded team.

Event Details

  • Venue: Taipei International Convention Center (TICC)
  • Date: 2017/12/07 - 2017/12/08
  • Adviser: Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs 
  • Organizers: Association of Hackers in Taiwan (HIT); CHROOT; iThome
  • Supporting Organizer: Cyber Security Technology Institute (CSTI)

HITCON Pacific 2016

HITCON Pacific 2016 takes The Fifth Domain: Cyber | Homeland Security as The topic to discuss The Fifth area of attention: threats and defensive countermeasures on The Internet. We invite top experts from South Korea, Israel and Japan to generously share their information security development history and attack response strategies to upgrade information security issues to national security level.

More than 30 top experts participated in this conference, and we also held the HITCON CTF world-class information security competition which was certified by DEFCON. All the world's top players will fight for the qualification of DEFCON CTF seeded team.

Event Details

  • Venue: Taipei New Horizon 6F
  • Date: 2016/12/01 - 2016/12/02
  • Organizers: Association of Hackers in Taiwan (HIT); CHROOT; iThome

HITCON Enterprise 2015

HITCON Enterprise is the biggest event for the information security community in Taiwan in 2015 and has attracted international attention. HITCON for the first time cooperated with the government and various enterprises to share information security defense countermeasures. We hope to use this seminar to remind countries and enterprises to construct an information security environment in a serious manner and cultivate information security talents to cope with the unpredictable challenges ahead.

Event Details

  • Venue: Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel
  • Date: 2015/08/26 - 2015/08/27
  • Organizers: Association of Hackers in Taiwan (HIT); CHROOT; iThome
  • Supporting Organizers: PChome &Skype

HITCON Enterprise 2014

HITCON has been growing and thriving for a decade, shining brightly in the information security community, which made the chief organizer decide to do something different on the 10th anniversary! For the first time, we invite domestic information security vendors to share information security strategies and trends with system integrators and leading information security experts from around the world. We also held an exchange party. All the guests gathered here to learn from each other and improve their possibilities.

  • Venue: Grand Ballroom (B2), Sheraton Taipei
  • Date: 2014/08/19 - 2014/08/20
  • Organizers:CHROOT
  • Supporting Organizers: iThome; TWISC; DEVCORE; Fast Crypto Lab